March 2018 First release!
Lowest Entry Type Thermal Imaging IP Camera

  • Both crime prevention and heat detection function
  • Motion / temperature change alarms
  • Real-time visibility to smartphones and PCs anytime and anywhere
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Application field

Detecting viral infections

hotel / motel / school / kindergarten / hospital / pharmacy / geriatric nursing home / maternity nursing home / restaurant

Home health care

old parents, sick children, kids room


warehouse, factory, office, building, household, hospital, pharmacy, barn, orchard, ginseng field

Detecting virus infected animals

poultry house, barn, animal hospital

Our differentiation

Monitor multiple cameras in real time via smartphone and PC

Motion, temperature change alarm

Charging battery for smartphone Available power (sold separately for connecting wires)

Shutterless, quiet and quiet

Support various installation methods (wall / ceiling mount, camera tripod, table / desk)

Low cost and no additional cost

Other product information

[I/O port]
  • Power button
  • Reset / pairing button
  • LED (power on/off)
  • power input port
  • RJ45 Ethernet Lan port
  • system debugging micro USB port
  • tilt (up / down: 84 degrees, left / right 360 degrees)
  • camera tripod, wall / ceiling installation (purchase accessories)
  • weight: under 400g
  • size: 50 x 60 x 80 mm
  • color / material variation (Black / White)

Right now, meet the best thermal imaging solution for your company.

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