Affordable Thermal IP Camera

Entry Level price of micro-bolometer
Thermography IP Camera

Fire signal detecting
& Security

alarm function for motion
and temperature change

real time detecting and
alarm to smartphone and
Pad at anywhere, anytime

additional applicable
to existing security system

System Configuration



  • Compose : Head, stand, power adapter
    • Ethernet/WiFi inside
    • 80 x 60 micro-bolometer thermal sensor
  • Accessory(Optional) : wall mounted bracket
App, PC  viewer S/W

App, PC viewer S/W

  • Android / IOS viewer App.


  • Server


WordPress Tables

I/O port

  • Buttons : power switch, BT
  • pairing(Reset)
  • LED (power on/off)
  • Power input port
  • RJ45 Ethernet Lan Port


  • Tilt (up/down : 84°, left/right 360°)
  • WiFi / intenna
  • Stand type & Mount on a tripod(Camera)
  • Weight : under 400g
  • Size : 50 x 60 x 80 mm
  • Dark Black / Snow White Color
  • Wall mounted bracket (optional)

Model Name

  • EM31 : 30-deg Lens Camera
  • EM91 : 90-deg Lens Camera
Application 1


Hospital, Single aged person
Application 2


factory, warehouse, office, building, store, house

Application 3

Home Care

aged parents house, the old & infirm & disable, electric heater fire

Application 4

Fire signal Detection

Shopping center, Factory, Building


Detecting in the night without
light(IR) and bad weather

Diverse System
(Shutterless or Shuttered Lens)

Protection of portrait rights

Affordable price

Wall mounted bracket & using with a tripod