theory of thermography


Technology that converts temperature information emitted from far-IR form into image

thermal image sensor

device/sensor of thermography

thermal camera

a camera that measures the surface temp. of objects

a passive detector that do not require separate lighting &
outstanding surveillance system regardless of bad weather and day/night


Security : Monitoring the night trespasser

  • place : factory, warehouse, office, building, store, house
  • customer : Security, Telco, owner of building/store, personal
  • benefit : sensing at bad weather/night time, fire alarm, preventing malfunction,

early preventing a fire

  • place : inside the building/warehouse/office/house
  • customer : security, insurance, owner of building/warehouse
  • benefit : early detecting a risky of fire (overheating of electronic)

detecting a patient with a flu virus (H1N1, Mers, flu etc)

  • place : clinic/pharmacy, school, kindergarten, restaurant, company,
  • customer : Telco, owner of business, B2B dealer..
  • benefit : early detection of infectious patients/carrier

for health care for the elderly, children, patient

  • place : kindergarten, baby playroom, nursing house(parents/maternity),
  • customer : Telco., owner of kindergarten/baby playroom/nursing house
  • benefit : early detection of infectious patients/carrier & protection of portrait rights

at a large public place

  • place : air port (immigration office, departure gate, boarding place), station(train, subway)
  • customer : the officer of airport/airline/train/subway/bus
  • benefit : early detection of infectious patients/carrier with low expense

detecting an animal body temperature

  • place : poultry farm, cattle shed, pigsty, stable
  • customer : farm owner, government
  • benefit : early detection of infectious AI/foot-mouth disease

protecting the wild animal and livestock and poultry from the wild animal

  • place : road, rice field, grain store, poultry farm/cattle shed, ginseng field
  • customer : farm owner, government
  • benefit : preventing a road kill, a night trespasser,  /  protecting asset of the corps/poultry/live stock

Companion animal Care

  • place : Pet clinic, home
  • customer : veterinarian, personal,
  • benefit : Easy to find sick Companion animal

Smart Air conditioner, Boiler

  • place : Air conditioner, Boiler
  • customer : Electronics/Device company
  • App. : Targeting cooling system, auto control


  • place : inside / outside
  • customer : car company, car device company
  • [inside]
    • detecting the baby/pet, selecting the operating airbag
    • response to driver’s movements and body temp.
  • [outside]
    • detecting the human and animal around a car

Thermal Sensing Robot & Drone

  • place : Smart robot & Drone
  • customer : Electronics/Drone/Camera Company
  • App : detecting the human/animal and checking their activity & health condition  /  fire and security alarm

diagnosis building

  • place : building outside, door/window, pipe, restroom, kitchen
  • customer : repairman, building owner, real estate agent,.
  • benefit : checking leakage heat/energy and pipe condition, detecting hidden animal and bacteria .

quality test at mass production

  • place : electronic goods factory
  • customer : electronics company
  • benefit : reducing the test time and increasing test quality